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KBRA Assigns AAA Rating with Stable Outlook to Dormitory Authority of the State of New York State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bonds (General Purpose) Series 2024A-1 (Tax-Exempt), Series 2024A-2 (Tax-Exempt), and Series 2024B (Federally Taxable)

11 Mar 2024   |   New York


KBRA assigns a long-term rating of AAA with a Stable Outlook to the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bonds (General Purpose): Series 2024A-1(Tax-Exempt); Series 2024A-2 (Tax-Exempt); and, Series 2024B (Federally Taxable).

Key Credit Considerations

The rating was assigned because of the following key credit considerations:

Credit Positives

  • Provisions of the PIT Enabling Act and the importance of PIT revenues to State operations mitigates the risk of legislative non-appropriation of financing agreement payments or a failure to pay such payments when due after amounts have been appropriated and set aside in the Revenue Bond Tax Fund (RBTF).
  • RBTF Receipts provide ample historical and projected coverage of maximum annual debt service.
  • A strong 2.0x additional bonds test, as well as the importance of residual PIT revenues to fund operations, mitigate against overleveraging.

Credit Challenges

  • PIT receipts, particularly the non-withholding component, are inherently volatile and closely correlated to the income of wealthy residents and the performance of the financial sector. The share of PIT receipts related to net capital gains is significant.
  • PIT receipts are disproportionately generated by the State’s highest-earning taxpayers. The potential exists for continued outmigration of this component of the PIT revenue base.
  • Financing agreement payments are subject to annual appropriation and executory only to the extent of amounts available in the RBTF. The potential for a diversion in the flow of RBTF Receipts in the event of a budgetary delay or a severe fiscal distress, while not non-existent, is extremely remote, in KBRA’s view.

Rating Sensitivities

For Upgrade

  • N/A

For Downgrade

  • A trend of declining debt service coverage that approaches the 2.0x ABT level.
  • A failure by the State Legislature to annually appropriate amounts required to make financing agreement payments.
  • Actions by the State to amend, repeal or alter statutes relating to the Personal Income Tax (Articles 22, 24 and 24-A of the Tax Law), or the State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bond Financing Program that negatively impact revenues available for financing agreement payments.

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